Maxx Byerly


Max Byerly

 Maxx Byerly, graduated from the Leeds School of Business in 2020, with a dual major in Finance and Accounting.  In 2021 Maxx joined us in business, and is learning all aspects of the company.  He is mastering installation of our product, Gutter Helmet and is working in sales, and the handling of service calls.   He is a kind, smart, motivated person and will be a huge asset to our company.  His education has already helped us in the office immensely.  He will work his way up the ladder in his desire is to acquire ownership in the company.   

Maxx’s free time is spent playing Frisbee golf, biking, and hiking.  He has a great love for the outdoors, and just returned from 3 month camping trip as he traveled the west coast after his graduation.