Gutter Helmet


Are nasty, clogged gutters draining your free time? Call the GUTTER EXPERTS... problem solved!

Gutter Helmet Colorado Springs

Gutter Helmet® is a protection panel system manufactured to keep rain debris out of gutters and keep them free flowing. The panel can be installed over new or existing gutter systems. Gutter Helmet’s® specifically designed forward nose allows water to enter the gutter, but keeps out debris and unwanted animal infestation. It is coated with Hi-performance Kynar paint to prevent chalking, fading, and water damage. It’s surface is strengthened to handle the heaviest of rainfall, snow, and severe winds. What this means to you is no more cleaning gutters, more free and family time, and the elimination of the risk of falling off a ladder.


What colors does Gutter Helmet® offer?

A common concern for homeowners is how the Gutter Helmet® panel will look on the roof, and if it takes away from the beauty of their home. The answer is NO. The colors are designed to blend with roof shingles. In most cases, unless you’re specifically looking for it, you won’t even notice it.

What roof types can GutterHelmet® be Installed on?

Another concern for homeowners is if the panels are able to be installed on their special roof. We can install on many roofing types to include: shingle, shake, tile, and metal. Gutter Helmet® panel is also particularly designed for flat, low grade, and high grade pitches. If rain water falls onto your roof and flows over the panel, it will stream over the nose of the panel, and into your gutter system.