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Gutter Helmet® is a protection panel system manufactured to keep rain debris out of gutters and keep them free flowing. The panel can be installed over new or existing gutter systems. Gutter Helmet’s® specifically designed forward nose allows water to enter the gutter but keeps out debris and unwanted animal infestation. It is coated with Hi-performance Kynar paint to prevent chalking, fading, and water damage. Its surface is strengthened to handle the heaviest of rainfall, snow, and severe winds. What this means to you is no more cleaning gutters, more free time with family, and the elimination of the risk of falling off a ladder.


Why Gutter Helmet®

Lifetime Performance. Lifetime Guarantee. Filter FREE

The innovative gutter protection system from Gutter Guard relies on the science of surface tension to keep your gutters clean and free-flowing. Just like water flowing around the outside of a glass held under a faucet, our gutter guards allow rainwater to adhere to them while debris such as pine needles and leaves simply slide off harmlessly. With Gutter Guard, you can trust that your gutters will remain open and clear, saving you the hassle of frequent cleanings and keeping you safely off the ladder. Choose Gutter Guard for reliable gutter protection that delivers exactly what you need.

Enjoy the convenience of never having to clean your gutters again with our leaf gutter guards. Say goodbye to the risky chore of climbing ladders or hiring someone to do it for you. Our gutter guards ensure that your gutters remain clear, preventing overflow that can cause damage to your home’s fascia boards, soffits, foundation, and walls.

Say goodbye to the headaches of rainwater runoff wreaking havoc on your landscaping. With Gutter Helmet leaf gutter guards, you can relax and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintenance-free gutters.

Say goodbye to the hassle of replacing filters and performing regular maintenance on your gutters. With Gutter Helmet, you’ll never need to climb a ladder to clear your gutters again. We take pride in being one of the few gutter guard companies offering this convenience. It’s a significant advantage worth acknowledging and celebrating!

Various factors, such as the size of your residence, the state of your current gutters, and any requirements for specialized installation equipment, will influence the cost of installing our leaf gutter guards from Gutter Helmet. Reach out to us today for a complimentary, obligation-free estimate. You can contact us at (719) 495-2673 or simply fill out our online form. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your home.

Our Gutter Helmet leaf gutter guard system is designed for lifelong durability, supported by our Triple Lifetime Warranty. What’s more, this warranty is fully transferable to the subsequent owner of your home, providing you with the assurance that you’ll never need to replace your gutter leaf guards after installation.

Our gutter leaf guard system from Gutter Helmet is tailored to fit the specific requirements of your home and must be installed by a certified Gutter Helmet Dealer to ensure optimal performance. This is also essential for securing the Triple Lifetime Warranty that accompanies our product. Reach out to our local dealer today for a complimentary, obligation-free estimate and ensure your home is equipped with the best gutter protection solution.

The Only 100% Worry-Free Leaf Guard System.

Experience unrivaled gutter protection with Gutter Helmet. While other leaf gutter guard alternatives like micro-mesh guards and various gutter guard companies might claim to offer a “permanent solution,” they often still demand maintenance. In contrast, Gutter Helmet eliminates the necessity for ladders, screens, or filter replacements, ensuring year-round rainwater management and complete home safeguarding. Opt for Gutter Helmet for a trouble-free gutter protection system that ensures an end to gutter cleaning for good.

Gutter Helmet Infographic Diagram
Gutter Helmets vs. Leaf Filters

What roof types can Gutter Helmet® be Installed on?

Another concern for homeowners is if the panels are able to be installed on their special roof. We can install on many roofing types to include: shingle, shake, tile, and metal. Gutter Helmet® panel is also particularly designed for flat, low grade, and high grade pitches. If rain water falls onto your roof and flows over the panel, it will stream over the nose of the panel, and into your gutter system.

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What colors does Gutter Helmet® offer?

A common concern for homeowners is how the Gutter Helmet® panel will look on the roof, and if it takes away from the beauty of their home. The answer is NO. The colors are designed to blend with roof shingles. In most cases, unless you’re specifically looking for it, you won’t even notice it.