Helmet Heat


Helmet Heat installers in ColoradoGutter Helmet® is engineered to handle the heaviest snowfalls. Thousands of installations in such snowy states as Colorado, Ohio, New York, Massachusetts and New Hampshire are witnesses to the load-bearing capability of our system.

In colder months, clogged gutters can become frozen and turn into a solid block of heavy ice and debris. This can cause gutters to buckle and pull away from your house. An ice dam is a buildup of ice under the roof edge. The ice eventually creeps up under the shingles and warps them. Further damage can lead to rotting roof rafters and interior leaks. Faulty insulation and or poor attic ventilation is the root cause of ice dams.

Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region can install a self-regulating Helmet Heat that can mitigate ice dams and frozen gutters. Additionally, Gutter Helmet’s® patented brackets are specifically designed to carry and conceal the heat cable.

Snow and Icicle Formation

Even in Colorado Springs and nearby areas, snow and ice buildup on roofs or gutters can be a common and dangerous problem for many homeowners. Heated gutters may be the ideal solution for those hanging liabilities. But how are they formed in the first place? 

Ideally, a well-insulated attic space on a home will not radiate any heat into your shingles, avoiding any amount of snow melting on the surface of your roof. However, it is common on many homes where this is not the case and rising heat from the interior of a home is causing some degree of snow melt; as a result, running down to the gutters and re-freezing into those long, sharp, hanging icicles.

Whether you have an existing gutter protection system such as Gutter Helmet or not, our Helmet Heat Cable can be installed on your home as a gutter heating system for snow and ice metigation.