Gutter Installation


Gutter Installation in Colorado Springs

Gutters are a water management system for your home, and they are necessary to protect your home from its worst enemy – WATER. Non-existing or clogged gutters directs water where it doesn’t belong, resulting in costly repairs! When uncontrolled rainwater pours directly from the roof to the ground it causes erosion, weakens the foundation, and can lead to wet basements and crawlspaces.

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to gutters. Any one item can impact the performance of your gutter system. There are five criteria to consider when choosing the right gutter to protect your home: Material, Style, Color, Size, and Coating.

5 Criteria

Gutter material comes in Aluminum, Steel, Copper, and Zinc. While Copper and Zinc are exclusively for custom homes, Aluminum and Steel are the most common for retrofit gutter system applications.

There are primarily five styles to gutters: K Style, Fascia, Half Round, Seamless, and Sectional. Depending on the “look” you want will depend on the style that will be suit your homes exterior design.

We offer a variety of colors that can be matched with the color of your roof and other exterior details of your home.

The two most common sizes for gutters is “5 Inch” and “6 Inch”. Although there are certain installations that may call for even a “7 Inch”, 5 and 6 are industry standard sizes.

Steel gutters go through a galvanization process that protects the material from rust. Copper and Zinc have their own coating that allows the material to “patina” over time.