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Alignment and spacing is critical for performance excellence. Unauthorized adjustments or removal and replacement will immediately void the warranty. Don’t allow ladders to come in contact with the installed Gutter Helmet® system as damage may occur.

Gutter Helmet® is designed to be a closed system that channels rainwater into the gutter at the pre-set gap along the gutter front. If gaps, spacing or misalignment allow debris, birds, or animals to enter the system, contact us for service.

During manufacture and installation, natural oils may adhere to Gutter Helmet® and cause minor runoff on newly installed systems. This is normal and will diminish after 30 days.

Gutter Helmet® features a patented PermaLife™ coating. Paint and waterproofing chemicals defeat the purpose of this coating and performance is reduced. Painting the Gutter Helmet® system voids the warranty.

Gutter Helmet® prevents the damage to your gutters caused by ice buildup and freeze-thaw expansion. Icicles are an indication that Gutter Helmet® is protecting the investment in your guttering system and are not indicative of performance failure. Periodic spray cleaning with a high pressure garden hose nozzle or pressure washer will maintain optimum performance. In regions where excessive tree sap, hardwood tree tassels and/or pine resin are prevalent, the front edge may require additional periodic cleaning.

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