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Gutter Helmet® has been saving homeowners time, work, and trouble since 1963, when its unique gutter protection design patent was first made available to homeowners. Many have come and gone. Gutter Helmet® has been strong for 40 years! The founder, Bob Demartini, also an MIT graduate, began the concept of the first solid gutter cover system. Gathering knowledge and experience with his time with General Electric and Huyck Corporation over nearly 20 years, in 1979, Bob developed the first professional-grade gutter protection system called Gutter Helmet®. Two years later, the first of several United States Patents were given and the term “Never Clean Your Gutters Again®” was birthed to the million homeowners that own our brand today.

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Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region

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Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region

Protect Your Home from Mold, Mildew, Rot, and Erosion.

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EVERY home needs gutters... and those gutters need GUTTER HELMET®

Medical professionals don’t know the exact connection between mold and asthma, congestion and illness. But one thing everyone agrees on is that breathing in mold is unhealthy. The #1 reason for mold… water that isn’t directed properly away from your home! In addition to making you sick, clogged gutters can make your home sick.

Simply put, gutters are a water management system for your home, and they are necessary to protect your home from its worst enemy – water. Non-existing or clogged gutters directs water where it doesn’t belong, resulting in costly repairs. When uncontrolled rainwater pours directly from the roof to the ground it causes erosion, weakens the foundation, and can lead to wet basements and crawlspaces. Clogged gutters force rainwater behind the gutters, causing wood rot to the roof, siding, and trim boards. Additionally, cleaning your gutters is a dirty, dangerous chore. Every year, thousands of people are seriously injured falling off ladders while cleaning their gutters.

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