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Gutter Helmet 4-Step Demo

1.) Nose Forward Design

The Nose-Forward design of Gutter Helmet’s aluminum panel is aligned flush with the existing gutter to prevent pine needles, leaves, and other debris from entering the gutter. This patented design then allows descending water from the roof to adhere to it through surface tension and seamlessly run into the gutter. 

2.) Textured Panel Surface

Gutter Helmet patented surface closely emulates the nature of a hill or mountain; landscaped with rocks, gravel, and vegetation to slow the flow of water. This unique pattern creates a rough-feeling texture that microchannels water molecules in a random direction, ultimately slowing the flow of water to prevent spill-over. In addition to Gutter Helmet’s textured pattern increasing rain-handling performance by nearly 60%, this pattern also enables the lightweight design of the panel to be extremely strong. 

3.) PermaLife High Performance Coating

Our high-performance coating prevents any coating or chalking of the panel even when exposed to elements such as intense UV rays or acid rain. The special additives within the PermaLife Coating also helps resist dirt and organic material buildups on top of the panel allowing for optimal water control.

4.) Stiffening Ribs

Gutter Helmet’s horizontal stiffening ribs have multiple functional purposes for protection of gutters for a lifetime. First, the structure of the rips actually reinforces the integrity of the panel which allows it to withstand heavy loads of snow and ice in the winter season. Second, the shape of the ribs contributes to the slowing of water in addition to the texture surface. Instead of the water beading, these extruded ribs allow the water to sheet while allowing debris to flush over them. 

5.) Bracket Support System

Gutter Helmet’s bracket system is unique to every single home based upon the layout of the existing gutter system. Brackets are installed every 2.5-5′ depending on the location of the home and its orientation to the sun throughout the year. Areas with heavy winter snow loads for example, may require a higher bracket count.

Gutter Helmet 4-Step Demo

How Gutter Helmet®
Works All Year, All The Time

While leaves do not fall 12 months out of the year, it is important that your gutters maintain cleared all season. Demonstrated in this video is how the Gutter Helmet system works in all 4 seasons: defending leaves in the fall, channeling water in the springs and summer, and mitigating snow and ice in the winter season. Snow and ice mitigation systems integrated with the Gutter Helmet panel is done so with our patented Helmet Heat System that maintains significant heat beneath the panel and along the gutters and downspouts. 

Gutter Helmet Illustrated diagram.