Heavy Metal Brothers Recycling

Heavy Metal Brothers RecyclingMeet the Byerly Boys, Maxx and Jack. Their business is Heavy Metal Brothers Recycling.  Since 2011 we have been doing free hauling services to help homeowners clean out broken and unused power equipment and metals i.e., aluminum from their property.  Supervised by their parents, over the years they have come to your home carrying of the equipment off your property at no charge to you. 

The Heavy Metal Brothers Recycling, graduated from Discovery Canyon High School.  Maxx now has graduated from the Leeds School of Business with a bachelors degree in finance and accounting. Jack will be graduating from  CU Boulder with a bachelors degree in advertising and marketing a minor in business.  They both are looking forward to joining the the business.

We want to thank the local community who have supported the boys with your donations and hired them for hauling, mowing, and other small jobs over the years.  We all appreciate the Tri-Lakes community and the wonderful people that live here for their interest in our stories we have shared over the years as the boys have grown up.   Their business interests have changed as well as their maturity, talent, and interests.