Cleaning Gutters After Fall Leaves

Clogged Gutter full of debris

Fall leaves in Colorado cause many gutters to become clogged. While the fall leaves are pretty, they damage they can cause to your home is not so attractive. Damage from clogged gutters and downspouts can cause wood rot, mildew, and many other detrimental occurrences to your home, likely one of your largest investments.

To avoid damage and costly repairs to your home, it is best to clean and clear your gutters before they begin to clog. In order to protect your home, it is in your best interest to figure out a way to remove these fall leaves from your gutters. The most obvious option is to do it yourself which puts many homeowners at risk when climbing a ladder. 22,710 ladder injuries and almost 300 deaths occurred in 2020 from individuals on ladders according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Keeping your gutters clean is the best way to prevent them from becoming clogged with leaves. Gutter installation companies can also educate you on ways to keep your gutters clean for a healthier home. There are a few different engineered designs to keep fall leaves out of your gutters this season. In our blog about gutter protection systems, we elaborate on some of the pros and cons of different styles and systems of gutter protection.

Skilled and professional gutter cleaning will help in clearing out the leaves and other items that have managed to make their way into your gutters. Don’t let these small issues become large ones! Gutter Helmet has been servicing the Colorado Springs area for nearly 15 years. Apart of our installation process for installing Gutter Helmet is clearing those fall leaves out of your existing gutters and downspouts to ensure proper flow of water. On top of that, we ensure that each of our customers gutters are pitched and sealed from leakage correctly. If you are ready to take care of the problem now, call at (719) 482-6183 today and they will schedule with you a free consultation!


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