How to Keep Gutters Clean

Gutter clogged with pine needles Colorado Springs

Clogged gutters are a fact of life for many homeowners in Colorado Springs. With our tall pine trees, aspens, cottonwoods, rocky mountain maples, and more dropping their needles and leaves onto our roofs and into our gutters, we have a very important maintenance task to deal with. Keeping gutters clean is vital to keeping water from entering our homes via rotten facia board, worn out siding, and failing foundation drains.

What can you do to keep your gutters clean?

There are many options from having your gutters cleaned several times a year to installing more permanent solutions that prevent debris from entering your gutters in the first place. Here are some options to consider for keeping your gutters clean:

  1. Gutter clogged with pine needles Colorado SpringsRegular Maintenance: Scheduling regular gutter cleanings (at least twice a year) can help prevent buildup and potential blockages. If you’re surrounded by many trees, more frequent cleaning may be needed.
  2. Professional Services: Consider hiring a professional for your gutter cleaning. They have the right equipment and expertise to clean the gutters safely and effectively, especially when they’re high off the ground.
  3. Tree Trimming: Regularly trim back branches that hang over your home to reduce the amount of leaves and debris that can fall into your gutters.
  4. Gutter Guards: These are devices that prevent debris from entering your gutters while still allowing water to flow through. There are many types, including screens, foam inserts, and surface ­tension devices.
  5. Quality of Gutter Guards: If you choose to use gutter guards, consider the quality and type. Some are more effective than others at preventing different kinds of debris from entering your gutters, and some may require more maintenance than others.
  6. Gutter Size: If you’re having persistent issues with clogs, it might be worth considering whether your gutters are the right size. Larger gutters can handle more water and are less likely to clog.
  7. Seamless Gutters: Consider upgrading to seamless gutters. These types of gutters have fewer joints and seams where debris can get caught.
  8. Downspout Screens: These are installed at the top of the downspout and prevent debris from flowing down and creating clogs. We don’t recommend this approach as it will quickly lead to debris buildup over the screen, and your gutters will eventually fill with water since it has nowhere to go.
  9. Gutter Maintenance Products: There are various products on the market that can make gutter maintenance easier, like extendable gutter cleaning tools, power washers, and gutter flusher & cleaner tools. While some homeowners prefer to spend their Saturdays purchasing tools and doing their own maintenance, we find that after trying this once or twice, they end up calling professionals.
  10. Gutter System Upgrade: For persistent problems or to prevent future issues, consider investing in a comprehensive gutter protection system like Gutter Helmet. These systems are designed to prevent clogging and can handle large volumes of water, and you don’t have to worry about having your gutters cleaned several times each year.

Why homeowners choose Gutter Helmet to keep gutters clean

Gutter Helmet is a popular gutter protection system and homeowners in Colorado Springs choose it for several reasons:

  1. Gutter Helmet Panel Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region

    Prevents Clogs: The Gutter Helmet system is designed to prevent leaves, pine needles, and other debris from entering your gutters. By doing so, it helps prevent clogs that can lead to overflow, leaks, and water damage to your home.
    High Water Capacity: Gutter Helmet utilizes a nose­ forward design and surface tension to handle a high volume of water. This means it can still function effectively in heavy rain.
    Durable Construction: Gutter Helmet systems are made of high­-quality, durable material, like aluminum, which can withstand harsh weather conditions and resist corrosion.
    Professional Installation: When you choose Gutter Helmet, the system is professionally installed, ensuring that it is properly fitted and securely attached to your home.
    PermaLife Finish: Gutter Helmet systems come with a special PermaLife finish, which helps protect against chalking, fading, and damage from acid rain or salt water.
    Limited Lifetime Warranty: Gutter Helmet offers a limited lifetime warranty which can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.
    Less Maintenance: By preventing clogs and debris accumulation, Gutter Helmet can reduce the need for regular gutter cleaning, which can be a dangerous and unpleasant chore.
    Appearance: The Gutter Helmet system is designed to blend in with your roofline, so it doesn’t detract from the aesthetic appeal of your home.

Homeowners that choose Gutter Helmet have peace of mind knowing that their gutters will continue to channel water as designed without the buildup of debris from trees. They also avoid the ongoing expense of having their gutters regularly cleaned.

We would be happy to schedule a no ­pressure consultation to help determine if Gutter Helmet is the right solution for you. 

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