Micro-CS / ScreenMesh


Gutter Helmet® has also developed Micro-CS™, a Commercial Series gutter protection panel. Micro-CS™ is designed for commercial buildings, and other uses, where the use of brackets and reverse curve technology inhibits installation. Even though Micro-CS™ was originally developed for commercial use, and the ability to handle high capacity water areas, it can also be installed on residential homes. Micro-CS™ is the ultimate solution for homeowners who are also economically conscious.

ScreenMesh Gutter Protection features an Offset Louver System that is engineered to attract rainwater in, while preventing leaves and other debris from entering into the gutter system. Even the smallest of particles, such as shingle grit and pollen are impervious to the micro screen. Additionally, the Convex Screen Design readily sheds debris. This is a critical design feature that sustains performance and keeps gutter systems free flowing.

Gutter Helmet products are proudly made in America

Proudly made in the United States of America, Micro-CS and ScreenMesh protection is tested to meet the highest quality of standards.