How To Keep Gutters Clean in Colorado

Dirty Gutter Installation in Colorado Springs, CO

Gutter cleaning in Colorado, especially in Colorado Springs, may seem like an endless task for many homeowners. While climbing your ladder and scooping out the discomposed debris in your gutter system isn’t the most enjoyable experience, it must be done to prevent damage to your facias, soffits, and many other components of your home. 

In Colorado Springs, wind, rain, hail, and other severe weather conditions often inflict damage to trees, causing their overhanging leaves and needles to fall into your gutter system. Therefore, gutter cleanings in Colorado are an essential part of maintain a residential home or commercial building. 

 Let’s consider some methods to tackle gutter cleanings in Colorado…

1.) Home Remedies & Tools for Gutter Cleaning

Finish your coffee and knock the dust off that ladder in your garage, its time to get cleaning…

Let’s start with a list of tools and supplies that are most necessary for a standard gutter cleaning.

Necessary Tools List:

  1. 1.) Aluminum extension ladder or foldable extendable ladder.
  2. 2.) Heavy duty trash bags or 5-gallon bucket.
  3. 3.) 2″-4″ Metal scraper or spatula
  4. 4.) Garden Hose
  5. 5.) Landscaping or leather gloves
  6. 6.) Safety Goggles

Safety First!

For all matters, safely planting the legs of your ladder is the first and most important step in starting this chore. If using an extension ladder, ensure that both of the ladder’s legs are bearing weight on an even ground level. This goes for A-framed ladders as well; all four legs must all being making contact with the ground at an even elevation. Using bricks or other unstable objects to chalk one or more legs of your ladder can but an individual at high risk of falling.  When using an extension ladder it is also important that the top of the ladder is making even contact with your roofing shingles or facia board. Otherwise, the stability of your ladder maybe severely compromised. 

The Process…

Depending on how severely clogged your gutter system is, using your metal spatula and a plastic buck to collect the debris may be the most rigorous and time-consuming part of this chore. 

Inch by inch, use the spatula face-down to gather the leaves, needles, and dirt into a scoopable pile. Then use the metal spatula face-up to scoop and lift the debris into your bucket or trash bag. Don’t immediately stress over the minute amounts of dirt remaining stuck in the corners, this can be addressed later. Notice the weight of your buck or trash bag as it can quickly become to heave to safely descend on a ladder with.

Once the majority of the needles, leaves, and mud are removed from you gutter system, relocated your ladder at the opposite end of your down spout. If a particular section is equipped with two or more downspouts, place your ladder in between the two and spray water in either direction towards the open outlets. Finally, once you believe you have successfully removed all of the debris, once again relocated your position to the downspout outlets and continue to wash all of the debris down and out of them to ensure that water is properly discharging from them.

2.) Call A Specialist for Gutter Cleaning

Remember the name of the company who originally installed your gutter system? If not, check out our Gutter Installations in Colorado Springs! Calling gutter cleaning specialist or the kid down the street may be your safest option when it comes to ensuring the proper functioning gutter system. It is worth asking, after the job is complete, how severely clogged or backed up your system was prior to someone cleaning them out. This way you know how frequently you need to pay someone to clean them out. 

How much does a gutter cleaning cost?

The price to pay someone to come and clean or services your gutter system is invaluable to the eliminated risk of you climbing your ladder and putting yourself or family at risk. This is also why it is important that whoever you hire is liability insured and know what they are doing. However, to get the job done, cost can vary significantly depending on whether you hire a professional gutter company or the kid down the road. Professional gutter cleanings can start at $125 and exceed $450 for full-service and tune-ups.
In general, it is ideal to hire a certified gutter specialist who has experience and knowledge in gutter systems to clean and service your existing system and to provide you with the best judgement on its current condition. 

3.) Gutter Guards/Protection

Both independently servicing or hiring a professional to service you gutters, the gutter cleaning duty is only temporarily addressed. Cleaning gutters in Colorado Springs is increasingly becoming more relevant due to trees growing to a height in which tree branches, leaves, and needles are hovering over roofs in many new neighborhoods of Colorado Springs.  

Gutter Helmet Product Protecting from Leaves

There is an overwhelming amount of gutter protection systems out there that homeowners are offered to permanently solve their gutter clogging issues in Colorado Springs. Screens and Filters are a commonly pushed product from many out of state companies that offer a temporary plastic screen/filter that require continued maintenance similar to your existing gutters. Understanding the difference between Guards vs. Screen is another important factor when it comes to completing a project like this. 

Gutter Helmets are another gutter protection system offered in Colorado Springs that are installed as a 5 Foot aluminum shield that allows debris to slide off the panel and water to enter your gutter. These panels are capable of handling up to 22 inches of rain per hour, able to withstand high winds and hail, are back by a triple lifetime warranty. Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region is a family-owned company and have been keeping gutters clean and homeowners off the ladder since 2012. 

Final Thoughts:

Bottom line, cleaning gutters in Colorado is never going away… Especially in Colorado Springs, weather may come in a random late afternoon and fill your recently cleaned gutters with debris once again. While it may seem economical to simply grab the ladder and take on the duty by yourself, the danger of being on a latter and putting you and your family’s well-being at risk is simply not worth it. 

Consider all your options and ask yourself, your partner, and your family “Is getting on the ladder worth it anymore?” 

Get in touch with Gutter Helmet of the Pikes Peak Region to learn how we are keeping folks of the ladder for the rest of their life!

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