Gutter Guards For Pine Needles

Gutter clogged with pine needles Colorado Springs

"Do Gutter Covers Work With Pine Needles?"

When it comes to living in a forest of ponderosa pine trees, the endless game of collecting and disposing of large quantities of pine needles gets old. However, the shade and protection from the intense Colorado so is an invaluable asset to reduce energy costs and damage to your home. Cutting down those trees that are in close proximity to your house is often a wise decision in terms of fire mitigation but also comes with a trade-off. Not an easy decision.

Common Gutter Issues in Colorado Springs

Thousands of homeowners in Colorado Springs live in areas densely populated with pine needles. While the shading these trees provide is very beneficial, clogging from pine needles seems to be an issue on top of many others. Clogged gutters due to pine needles in Colorado Springs can drastically worse issues besides just water dripping from up above. In fact, when a gutter clogs from pine needles, water can backup, causing moisture to enter your facia and sometimes into the interior of your home. 

A snowball effect from pine needles clogging gutters can be seen on many homes if not addressed.

Clogged Gutter


Solutions to Clogging Gutters in Colorado Springs

When deciding to invest in a solution to permanently fix your gutter clogging issue in Colorado Springs, it is essential that you do your research into what is ideal for your home. There are handfuls of screens, filters, and covers on the market today that offer professionally installed systems to box store products such as Home Depot selling a screen.  In Colorado Springs, you must consider the physical integrity of a pine needle and how it moves. Being narrow and relatively stiff, they often find themselves in small, hard to clean places similar to that of straw bird nests. 

Therefore, consider how they may catch inside the slits of a gutter screen.

Gutter Screen Clogged with pine needles

Other Solutions, such as gutter covers, often made out of an aluminum shield, could boast as a better option for those pesky pine needles. In this case, needles are able to slide directly from the roof line, over the aluminum panel, and into your yard instead of your gutter. 

The final option is worth noting and that is gutter filters. In Colorado Springs, gutter covers that act as a “filter” of any kind can also raise serious issues to your home. Check out KRDO’s article on some of the effects of using a leaf filter to protect your clogging gutters in Colorado Springs Here. 


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