5 Elements of Sun Awnings in Colorado Springs

Overview: Sun Awnings in Colorado Springs

Having Sun Awnings in Colorado Springs can be a valuable investment for homeowners. Not only does it provide shade and protection from the sun, but it can also help to reduce UV damage to your home and protect your skin from harmful UV rays. The awning can block the sun’s rays, lower the temperature on your patio or deck, making it a more comfortable area to be in during hot summers. Furthermore, it can also add an aesthetic appeal to your outdoor living space, transforming it into a stylish and functional area for entertaining or relaxing with family and friends. In addition, the awning can reduce the energy consumption by blocking the sun’s heat, which can lead to lower energy bills. Overall, a sun awning can be a wise investment for homeowners in Colorado Springs who want to enjoy their outdoor living space to the fullest, while protecting their home and skin from the sun’s harmful rays.

  1. 1.) Residential And Commercial

  2. Retractable Awnings for both residential and commercial use. Our motorized Awnings conveniently project out up to nearly 14′ feet, providing large amounts of shade. Cover your home patio, deck, or even unused areas on the side of your house! Our most popular Awning, The Eclipse Premire, may just be ideal for transforming your highly exposed outdoor space.
  4. 2.) Custom Made!

  5.  Custom made shade solutions can compliment both the style and color of the exterior of your home. Select from over 150 different colors and patterns made by Sunbrella! Tailor an Awning even further with custom cut valences in styles such as waves. All fabrics are UV / Fade Resistant, easily cleanable, and maintainable.
  7. 3.) Highest Quality Parts

  8. Highest quality Shading Products in Colorado Springs! Manufactured with reenforce steel arms and frame that are rigid forces agains Mother Nature. Somfy motors are standard with our Awning prices and are guaranteed up to 10 years after purchase. Our professional installers ensure that frames are properly mounted into your houses stud areas to withstand strong Colorado winds. 
  10. 4.) Commercial Use

  11. Great for restaurant and hospitality space or any outdoor commercial venue with our Total Eclipse Awning. The Total Eclipse awning is our Largest Shading Product that is ideal for covering those oversized outdoor areas with widths from 15-45 feet.
  13. 5.) Excellent Warranty

  14. Lifetime Warranty on all Awning frames. 10 year on Somfy motors, 8 years on arms, 5 years on fabrics. Learn more on the Eclipse Website. As well as dive deep into some of the Features, Advantages, and Benefits of awnings and solar shades.

Learn More: https://gutterhelmetcoloradosprings.com/eclipse-shading/retractable-awnings/

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